pompe horizontale


An extensive range of pumps by Grundfos, Flowserve and Lowara KSB are available. Whether your pump is single-stage, line shaft, single impeller or multi-stage, we know how it works and how to best adapt it to your operation.



pompe verticale


From 5m3/h drip systems to 250m3/h suction systems, we have a wide range of pumps to meet your needs. 



pompe horizontale


Your driller will give you the information you need to find the right pump specifications for your bore hole and we guarantee a lasting, reliable water supply.



pompe de relevage


A drainage pump is a submersible pump that sends drainage water up. The auto on/off feature is controlled by an inbuilt level float. It can come in cast iron or stainless steel with a range of outputs to suit your needs.